Finding Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses


When your bridesmaids don't have a lot of cash, it's time to consider a cheap or inexpensive bridesmaid dress that doesn't look cheap! Instead of ordering from a bridal shop, go to a juniors store like Forever 21. They often have great prices on cocktail dresses. If you live in Los Angeles, go to Zizibeh. They have incredible prices on just about everything from dresses to jewelry to evening bags. They also have a lot of fashionable casual clothes at great prices. My daughter got two beautiful cocktail dresses at Zizibeh for $25 each.

You can also get great deals by shopping online.They also have a lot of fashionable casual clothes at great prices. My daughter got two beautiful cocktail dresses at Zizibeh for $25 each. You can also get great deals by shopping online. A popular trend this year is to have bridesmaid dresses that are similar in some way, but don't match exactly. This can make it easier to find dresses off the rack and for each bridesmaid to find a dress that looks best on her.

Seasonal Dresses that need not Match

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Seasonal Bridesmaid Dresses

You can select bridesmaid colors to match any time of year. Dresses that contrast black and white can be very elegant for any season.

Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

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For spring and summer bridesmaid colors, think of colors that remind you of gentle breezes and a day at the beach.These are often pastel shades.

Fall and Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

For winter dresses, think of rich deep colors. Try mixing silver with black cherry, burgundy, navy blue, or emerald green. For fall bridesmaid colors borrow from the changing leaves with Gold, Copper, and Rusty Reds.

Tip: Coordinate your bridesmaid dresses with your floral color scheme. Keep Bridesmaid accessories light. Some options are simple, but elegant earrings, a brooch or necklace, shawls, gloves and small tiaras. Don't make your bridesmaid's wear really high heels. Ouch!

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Casual Bridemaid Dresses - Bridesmaid Dresses That Don't Look Bridesmaidsy

bridesmaid dresses that you can wear again Don't want to stick your bridesmaids with a dress that they'll just have to donate to Goodwill? Alfred Angelo came out with Knit bridesmaid's dresses, that can be worn for a lot of other occasions after the wedding.

They are great for destination weddings since they don't wrinkle. Angelo says the dress is very flattering and it comes in sizes from 2 to 28W.

Inexpensive and Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses

tea length bridesmaid dressAccentuate the Positive With a Streamlined Style. Select a bridesmaid dress that is simple and elegant without bows, ruffles, and gathers. A tailored bridesmaid dress design will make your bridesmaids look thinner. An off shoulder dress can bring the eye up and away from trouble spots.

The A-line bridesmaid dress, which is flared, can look best on the most number of people. If you want to hide your arms, you can choose a style that has a matching jacket. A dress with translucent fabric for the sleeves and back can hide imperfections while still being sexy.

Dark colors, such as maroon, navy blue, dark purple, or forest green are more slimming. For contrast, you can try some lighter contrasting fabric at the neckline.

Find a Slimming bridesmaid dress