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Inexpensive Wedding Dress Tips

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thrift store wedding dress

Thrift Shop Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress consignment is an option if you want to get a designer wedding gown and a fraction of the price. Most major cities have consignment shops for wedding dresses and evening gowns. Just Google "wedding dress consignment" with the name of your city. Plain old thrift stores like Goodwill sometimes carry nice wedding dresses. But, you have to get lucky and be constantly on the look out. You will have more luck if you visit a thrift store that is in a very expensive part of town.

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

The first two pictures show Jenna Bush 's Wedding dress from Oscar De La Renta. The knock off from David's Bridal is shown in the third picture. You can also go on to find inexpensive wedding dresses.

Jenna Bush Wedding Dressaffordable off white wedding dress

Using a White Evening Gown as A Wedding Dress

You can buy a white evening dress, which ends up being less expensive than if the designer called it a wedding dress. from left to right, the first dress was on sale for $109 at; the next dress was for $169 at; the beautiful evening gown with the sparkly details was just $298, and the one to the far right with the gold is $398 at Keep in mind that the selections and prices of these websites change all the time. We are just showing you these dresses as examples of what you may find.

cheap wedding dressinexpensive casual wedding dressevening gown instead of wedding dress casual wedding dress

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Pink and colored Wedding Dresses

An inexpensive Pink wedding dress is big this year. One great thing about a pink wedding dress is that you can wear it again to other events. Here are some examples from Other wedding dress colors are also popular.

affordable mermaid style pink wedding dresspink wedding dressred wedding dressVera wang wedding gown designs