Martini Glass Wine Centerpiece

martini centerpiece diy

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

I made these easy martini glass centerpieces in an afternoon while watching Netflix.

Basically I bought two martini glasses from a thrift store and glued them together with a hot glue gun. I like using martini glasses for a wedding centerpiece instead of regular wine glasses because they form a wider base, which makes them less likely to tip over. What I like about these vases is that they give the flowers some height, which makes the centerpiece look grander. Tall centerpiece vases can be pricey, but these were $2 or less to make. The flowers are from Dollar Tree, believe it or not.

With the pearl centerpiece above, I attached some pearl trim that I bought at Joanne's fabric store. I used a yard, which didn't end up being enough. A yard and a half would work. The pearl trim is flat on one side, which makes it easy to attach. I don't think that it would work to try to attach a regular string of pearls.

centerpiece with martini glassesWith the other two centerpieces, I attached decorative ribbon. I like the thick black patterned ribbon on the centerpiece to the right because it gives it amore substantial look.

When it comes to gluing, the hot glue gun would only work well in areas where no glue would show through, such as under the ribbon. Maybe it's my lack of technique, but the glue looked gloppy and messy when I tried to glue on the pearls. I ended up just taping them on, which isn't a permanent solution. I tried using spray mount, which didn't work at all. I would suggest using glue that's specifically for glass. Maybe mod podge? Also. to make sure that the glasses do not come apart, hold the centerpiece from the middle not from the top martini glass.

Email me if you have any suggestions about glue or you want us to feature your own project