DIY Morrocan Lantern

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Make a Moroccan Lantern With a dollar store vase

My DIY Moroccan lantern project is much easier than others I have seen. It also requires very inexpensive crafting supplies. For starters, instead of painting the glass, I bought colored vases. Also, the intricate gold pattern is not painted or stenciled on. That would require way to much skill and neatness for me!

I simply tore off the edges of lace paper doillies and spray painted them a gold metallic color. I then attached them to the vase with spray adhesive.Most other project use mason jars to make Moroccan lanterns, but I think that a vase offers an alternative.

To give the glass the metallic accents, simply mask off there you don't want the paint to go. Add the lace dollie accents after you have finished painting the vase. If you put masking tape over it, you will ruin it. Also, make sure that you really separate the lace dollies so that you are not attaching more than one layer.

If you are going to keep them outside, spray some shellac over the lace accent part to protect it. To hang, the lantern, simply wind copper wire around the neck of the lantern and make a handle.

I used lids from coffee cups to keep the rain out and prevent birds from making nests. You can also put in solar garden lights.


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